ELESOFTROM company deals with a software for embedded systems - stand-alone microprocessor systems. The systems provide specific, determined by application, set of functions for real devices, which they are embedded in. A controller of numeric controlled milling machine may be considered as an example of the embedded system. This system is responsible for the control of stepper motors of the machine assuring required dynamics of motion along cutting path. In real applications, common work of the embedded system and electrical or mechanical peripherals creates additional real-time constrains.

ELESOFTROM provides professional services focused on the design and development of the software for the embedded systems. We have built our quality on solid theoretical basis and long practical experience.

According to customer needs, the software manufactured by ELESOFTROM may be designed for the system that works with or without an operating system. If the operating system is used, we prefer Linux. We can program a wide range of embedded platforms, including prototypes, especially equipped with processors containing ARM, MSP430, AVR32, AVR, xmega, x86 and i8051 cores.

ELESOFTROM provides professional services in:

  • consulting and advice service for the embedded systems issues,
  • support for programmers in design and implementation of the embedded software,
  • evaluation of quality and reliability of the software by code inspections,
  • creation an user requirement specification and building a model,
  • design of the multitasking software for the embedded systems,
  • development of the custom firmware,
  • modification of existing code, implementation of new features, extensions, etc.
  • analysis and code optimization for short execution time (in critical real-time parts).
  • solution of complex issues in embedded systems manifested by sudden reset or hang up,
  • custom Linux adapted to user needs and platform properties,
  • toolchain preparation for various procesor architectures (toolchain running on Linux or Windows/Cygwin).

    More details about the company services may be found in Offer page. Experience page supplies the information about commercial projects that were done and other valuable events (like doctoral dissertation, research).