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DioneOS - RTOS for embedded devices

ELESOFTROM developed RTOS for ARM Cortex-M3 and msp430.

The system is optimized for performance, hence it achieve short context time.
System provides items (e.g. semaphores, mutexes, timers, queues etc.) required for building multithreading software.

The version for Cortex was tested with 100% code coverage using automatic testing environment.

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DioneOS System site





Software Development for Embedded Devices.

2014-12-12    ELESOFTROM, Piotr Romaniuk, Ph.D.

If you have an idea for new device containing microcontroller, if you plan its manufacturing in multiple items and you need the software for this device - ELESOFTROM can develop it. Contact us!


What is your device?
Process of software manufacturing,
Competence area and professional services,
Why ELESOFTROM software is valuable?
How to contact us?
If you already have the software, but you need to modify or fix it click here

What is your device?
- stand-alone device: microcontroller based or/and embedded devices,
- it is using processors that have architecture: ARM including ARM-Cortex, msp430, AVR, AVR32, x86 (this is only example of prefered types, if you use another architecture we adapt to this requirement).
- it is using communication modules (e.g. WiFi, GPRS, Bluetooth),
- it is battery powered and energy efficiency is important,
- it contains hardware that must be controlled (EEPROM, communications interfaces, LCD, card readers, control of external devices, etc.)
- you expect that the device will respond quickly for external events

Process of software manufacturing
- general specification (requirements, functions)
- building analysis and models,
- architecture design,
- project verification,
- source code development (including unit testing),
- testing and verification,
- documentation,
- software mainteinance (evolution, bugfixing, improvements, new features).

Competence area and professional services of ELESOFTROM
more than 10 years of experience in programming embedded systems,
- positive results in solving complex problems (analysis and testing),
- broad competence area:

* object analysis, modelling
* architecture design,
* development real-time software,
* in-depth knowledge in multithreading programming,
* expert level knowlegde of programming languages (C, C++),
* low level programming that requires hardware support and detail knowlegde about processors architecture (including assembler programming) - e.g. the ELESOFTROM developed own system RTOS - DioneOS for ARM Cortex-M3 and msp430. ,
* automatic testing, advanced testing and debugging methods in real-time environment, coherent software-hardware testing
* proffesional documentation (example of code documentation for DioneOS system).

ELESOFTROM Company provides outsourcing for other companies. The most important designs are listed below:
1. CNC Machines (router),
2. WiMAX Base Station,
3. CNC Thermal Plotter.
(1,3) - full product development and maintenance, (2)-partial development and algorithms analysis etc.
We take care about our software quality and reliability. On the basis of our experience, we apply methods needed for this purpose (e.g. production cycle, storing the code in repostories, testing, etc.)

Why ELESOFTROM software is valuable?
In our developments the most important are:
- Quality - that is result of using good programming practices, full manufacturing process and continuous taking care of details (clear coding, comments, compilation with no warnings)
- Reliability (in-depth testing, including advanced methods,
See how DioneOS system was tested),
- Performance (performance verification of developed code, profiling, optimization),
- Customization to client requirements,

How to contact us?
In order to receive more information or to begin cooperation please contact: (