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ELESOFTROM Company is specializing in firmware development and fixing for embedded systems.

We have more than 10-years of experience in that area.

In developed tasks and projects we value reliability and effectivness of the firmware.

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DioneOS - RTOS for embedded devices

ELESOFTROM developed RTOS for ARM Cortex-M3 and msp430.

The system is optimized for short execution time, having short switching time between threads.
The system provides elements (e.g. semaphores, mutexes, timers, queues etc.) used for building multi-threaded firmware.

Cortex version has full tests coverage and was tested by automatic testing framework.

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Tutorials about DioneOS

This part of ELESOFTROM web site contains entries about programming embedded systems. Descriptions published here are result of many years of experience in that area, during design and development of real projects as well as browsing the Internet.
I hope, that knowledge presented here will be helpful for others and allow creating better systems.
Although preparation of these materials was careful and precise, they are available "AS IT IS", without any warranty.

Have a good and effective programming
Piotr Romaniuki, Ph.D.

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